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Re: 60 acres of poison ivy!

Subject: Re: 60 acres of poison ivy!
Author: Jim
Date: 7/22/2004 2:05 pm
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I bought 4 acres last year and it is full of PI as well. I did quite a bit of spraying last year with round up and a 3 gallon hand sprayer. What a pain in the ass! It was so thick on my property that there was literally patches of PI 3-4' tall and 50' in diameter as well as small patches and single plants all over the place. I worked on the areas that we use first, I did manage to eliminate a LOT of PI. I sprayed some of the bigger patches several times. Round up only works if it is sprayed on the leaves of the plant, if an area has been mowed so the leaves are gone Round up won't work. I wish there was something that would just eliminate them more easily. My gear: rubber hip waiders, coveralls, elbow length rubber gloves and a hat. I can walk right through the big patches with this and spray every plant. You have to undress carefully not to touch contaminated parts of your clothing. The coveralls and hat goes into a garbage bag and straight into the washer, the boots and gloves get sprayed with a degreaser and washed off with a garden hose along with your weed sprayer. Then I am off to a shower using Dawn dish soap for shampoo and scrubbing off. I never got PI using this method but as I stated what a pain! I still have a lot of spraying to do this year, just have to keep chipping away at it. Good Luck

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