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IPA for cleansing the oils

Subject: IPA for cleansing the oils
Author: Doug
Date: 7/21/2004 9:29 am
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I've been allergic [as many of you] to P.I. for many years. I have always been looking for ways to avoid getting the rash and came upon an article that mentioned using isopropal alcohol. Since trying it and having had success, I always carry a quart of it when camping. I wash my skin, and using a cloth that I throw away, I douse it with IPA and aggressively wipe off boots, tools clothes, and whatever.
As weird as this sounds, an old-timer gave me some advice when I had a P.I. rash that had come back 3 times terribly. He said to pee on myself or pour pee on the rash area. It REALLY WORKED! This is only for those who are brave and sick of medicines OR want something that works well. Doug

IPA for cleansing the oils (Approved)Doug7/21/2004 9:29 am