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I hiked along the river on Thursday

Subject: I hiked along the river on Thursday
Author: Caveman
Date: 7/20/2004 12:55 pm
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I hiked along the river on Thursday.On Sunday the tops of my feet were peppered with poison ivy dots and they were itching. I filled up several soda bottles with hot water.After the first douse I realized the water was not hot enough because I felt no relief on contact.I ran back to the sink and waited for it to get hotter.Each time I poured the hot water I got immediate relief on contact.The itch was gone although the next day I had some new itching.Again I did the hot water douses and the itch went away.Today is Tuesday and I feel some "rumbling" going on inside my shoes but I am cofident I will kill that itch also.

To further the value of this PI study I had treated one foot at a time. After one foot was done and the other still untreated there was a tremendous difference.

I wish had recorded the temperature of the water but I did not.I know the right temperature because it causes me to OUCH but it does NOT actually BURN my skin. The instantaneous relief is well worth it.
Many showers do not allow the water to get hot enough and so I have to heat some of the water on a stove.

I hiked along the river on Thu (Approved)Caveman7/20/2004 12:55 pm