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Re: 60 acres of poison ivy!

Subject: Re: 60 acres of poison ivy!
Author: Rick in Ohio
Date: 7/16/2004 12:06 pm
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I have just a half acre and an area loaded with it as well. My suggestion to you would be to be paitent and dilegent. Start with the area around your new home. Cut as low as you can with a bush hog or mower. Keeping it short will help starve the p/i out but it can come back if let to grow. remove as much of the root system as possible by hand making sure to protect your skin with gloves, long sleeve shirt and pants and boots. Wash the clothing right away to keep the oil from contactin things around the house and was the garden tools when done. The oil can stick around for years on clothing and tools. Next spray the area over and over with herbacides for P/I. When you have conquered one area select another and move on. Paitence will be the only real cure as with that much land it will take lots of time and care to remove p/i. And as always becareful around the plant. One more note: If you are severly alergic then hire someone to do the work for you.

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