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Re: PI Land Owner?

Subject: Re: PI Land Owner?
Author: Petrus
Date: 7/9/2004 0:16 am
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Ok, Lee.

1. Your arm - surely PI.
2. The same
3. The first plant picture is beautiful healthy Poison Ivy.
4. Second - mostly Poison Ivy with some Maple.
5. Third plant picture - only wild raspberries But wait - some PI peeks out at from below the raspberriy leaves.
6. Possibly PI. Check if roots are long and shallow.
7. Yes, that is PI on a tree.
8. 100% Poison Ivy.
9. 100% Poison Ivy
10. Wild Strawberries! No apparent Poison Ivy there!
11. I don't know. No PI. But is this Sumac Poisonous???
12. 80% Poison Ivy, 20% other brushes.
13. 70% Poison Ivy, 30% other.
14. 100% Poisin Ivy.
15. Raspbery, oak, something else and --- maybe PI in right bottom corner.

Nice Poison Ivy forest. I used to have something similar, but now I have cleaned over half of it.

Take care,


PI Land Owner? (Approved)Lee7/7/2004 9:18 pm
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